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We are looking for your ideas!

With Fall term not too far away, we are looking for creative ideas for fun events to organize! Want to see your idea turned into an event? Reach out to us and see how you can help!

The Executive Board

Do you want to have a say in what School House does? Do you have cool ideas for new events and want to make them a reality? Join the Executive Board and help shape your community!

Weekly Tea

Every Wednesday at 3:30pm, members of the School House community come together and enjoy good food, drinks, and great conversations! Join us next Wednesday at the Cube!

What do YOU want?


Do you have a great idea for a new event and want to make it happen? Let us know! Chances are, we have funding for you! Fill out the form and perhaps your idea will be a reality soon!

Welcome, Class of 2022!


Join us at the Cube.

Located behind Hitchcock Hall.

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